The standard width for machine-made carpet rolls are fixed widths of 12 feet and 13 feet 6 inches. When rooms are wider than these standard sizes and require extra coverage, carpets are seamed together.

But seaming hand-woven carpets is not recommended because the level of variation in handcrafted products makes it difficult to line up patterns and textures without being noticeable.

At Kaya Carpets, we offer extra-wide sizing options in many handcrafted styles, some as wide as 16 feet 4 inches, almost three and up to four feet wider than normal machine-made products.

The inconsistency in texture is what gives hand-crafted products their allure. Every piece is one-of-a-kind. Kaya Carpets offers extra-wide sizing not only for a seamless wall-to-wall flooring option, we can also fabricate custom area rugs from these wider width rolls which is a great solution for many spaces!