Founded with rich manufacturing experience and a great passion for soft floor textiles, Kaya Carpets produces high quality, lasting broadloom that elevates spaces of all sizes.

Based in Cartersville, Georgia with a primary manufacturing facility in India, Kaya Carpets brings a range of fine broadloom and unique, hand-loomed floorcovering products to the market that reflect a sensitivity to color and a culture of curiosity. With a team that combines seasoned industry veterans and fresh talent, Kaya Carpets brings decades of experience and knowledge of weaving techniques, coupled with the preservation of old looms, creating an environment that encourages new expressions in product design.

Kaya Carpets strives to be a strong collaborator to our clients and to the design community and to provide the highest level of personal service. Our team is committed to be good stewards of the environment and to caring for craftsmanship and the communities who work together to bring our woven constructions to your home.